I have worked in business most my life. From the fashion industry in London, to electronics and software development, I have done the hard miles in all aspects of business start-up and growth.

Latterly I have worked with the WDA and the Welsh Assembly Government before deciding to devote my energies to more global concerns, particularly economic, social and environmental justice. I currently work with COEXIST and am a member of the Global Justice Movement, the ministry for peace, the Wales Peace Institute, the Green Party and a I am a speaker for Amnesty International.

With the blessing of my three sons I am standing as an MP because I believe that our country is not prepared for the post peak oil future. Fossil fuels are a finite resource and they will run out. The main political parties are too busy looking backwards to develop strong and imaginative strategies for the future. I believe they have let us down, and the Green Party alone has the guts to develop our nation of communities into a sustainable and humane society.

Newport communities need vibrant local economies, meaningful local relationships, and more say over local decisions if they are to be strong proud and happy. We need jobs, not cuts, and the Green Party will work to create 1 million new 'green collar' jobs to revitalize manufacturing and bring full employment to Newport.

My electoral pledge to the people of Newport West is:

To share my MP’s salary with dedicated local people who will be tasked to help Newport citizens decide what policies they want for their local area. This is real bottom-up democracy.

To refer important decisions I have to make, like the war in Iraq, to the communities of Newport West and vote according to their wishes.

Build local renewable energy supplies, energy efficient housing, and support local farmers and retailers to reduce Newport’s dependence on fossil fuels, and stop climate change

I believe in fairness and justice, the end of poverty, the right of every human being to a basic living wage. I believe that there is a true cost to everything we buy and do which is not properly measured or paid for: the cost to the environment, the cost to our wellbeing, our happiness; and the cost to our children.