A SCI-FI favourite played by a Gwent actor is set to return from the dead in a self-designed comic strip.

Bettws actor Gareth David Lloyd, who starred as Ianto Jones in the BBC drama Torchwood, will feature in the official magazine about the Doctor Who spin-off.

Ianto became a favourite with the show’s audience as the faithful partner of John Barrowman’s character Captain Jack Harkness.

The Argus reported in December how an Internet campaign had over 100,000 people behind it, wanting the much-loved character to return after he was killed off in series three, His comeback will delight fans of the series, based in Cardiff’s fictional Torchwood Institute - a government agency which searches for alien technology on Earth.

The story, ‘Shrouded’, will see Ianto struggle with his feelings for Captain Jack and he is set a mission which could alter the course of his life.

Mr Lloyd said his familiarity with the character was of great importance whilst penning the comic strip.

“The narrative of this comic focuses predominantly on Ianto, and integrates a number of characters who have been missed by Torchwood’s ardent followers," he said.