AROUND 1,200 were in Bettws, Newport, on Saturday for what was hailed the biggest fun day on the estate ever.

A parade was arranged by Bettws in Bloom, Communities First and the Make a Difference group on the theme of Earth, WInd and Fire.

Granville John and Tony Parfitt helped with arrangements and the creation of props for the parade, including a giant rainbow, globe, fire dragon and flags for youngsters from Newport High School and Millbrook Primary to wave.

In total, 300 people took part in the parade, which started from Newport High School, winding its way around the estate and finishing at Bettws Social Club.

There were activities there, including fire-eaters, stalls, a Jack in the Box show and climbing wall.

Organiser Colin Baker of Bettws in Bloom said: "Everyone from the whole estate came out. The event has been going for around 10 years and it was the biggest ever with 1,200 people there."