IT’S not every day you report on a significant archaeological find.

So imagine our surprise when today we tell of two discoveries of huge importance in Gwent.

The first - described as of international importance - is at Caerleon, an area that is obviously no stranger to historic finds.

But what has been discovered this time has been described of international significance and may even change the way experts think about Britain's Roman history.

A huge complex of previously undiscovered buildings was found using specialist equipment.

It found walls below the ground in fields outside the fortress.

Just one look at the artist’s impression on our front page today tells you the scale and significance of the find.

According to experts it is the first evidence that the Romans had planned to develop Caerleon into a major settlement in Britain.

The structures are thought to include town halls, bathhouses, store buildings or even possibly temples.

It will confirm Caerleon as a place of historical importance in the UK and now possibly the world.

And in Monmouth a fort has been discovered during gas pipe repair works.

It is thought to date back to AD55 making it around 25 years older than previous remains found in Caerleon.

These fascinating discoveries are certain to enchant people for decades to come.