GIANT dinosaurs, fire-breathing robots and an escapologist helped kick-off Newport’s Big Splash festival in style on Saturday.

Goldie Lookin’ Chain were on hand to open the free event at the Steel Wave, which is part of the Newport Festival 2010.

Street sculpture and art collective Mutate Britain, who recently enjoyed success at the Glastonbury Festival, showed off their range of scrap metal large-scale sculptures, which included twisted vehicles and a horse robot, against a backdrop of street art and murals which were created on the spot by a range of UK artists.

Daredevil contortionist and escapologist, Chris Cross also beat his own personal best record when the 21-year-old escaped from a straitjacket while dangling upside down from a crane in a staggering 90 seconds.

His previous record was one minute and 41 seconds.

He said: “I knew the Big Splash was an up and coming festival so wanted to come here to attempt my record.

I’ve just been performing in Edinburgh and am very tired so I’m quite shocked but pleased that I’ve managed it.”

Eggsy of Goldie Lookin’ Chain said he was honoured they were asked to open the event.

He said: “It’s great to see all the different things going on that you wouldn’t normally see elsewhere and to have so many things happening in Newport at the moment.”

The Big Splash, which continues until September 5, will see a whole host of activities taking place on both banks of the River Usk between the Town Bridge and the Newport City Footbridge to celebrate the city’s host status for the 2010 Ryder Cup.

For more information visit or contact 01633 656757.

- HUNDREDS of people were left disappointed after circus performer Olivier Roustan, 45, yesterday postponed his attempt to walk along a tightrope 75 metres above the River Usk.

The rope was attached to the supports of the Newport City Footbridge and a large crowd gathered to see the spectacle.

But, because of blustery winds, Mr Roustan will now attempt the feat today at 4pm.

He works at a circus school in Paris and arrived in Newport four days ago from his hometown of Albi, France, to prepare for what is the highest walk he's attempted.

He said: "I was beaten today by the elements of Newport, I arrived from Albi where it is 38 degrees, here it is 13 degrees."