THIS is the moment when a Newport housewife became Britain's newest millionaire on a TV quiz show.

Sarah Lang, 31, is the first PokerFace champion after winning a tense stand-off with another contestant in the ITV1 show last night.

Millions of viewers held their breath as Ant and Dec told the mother of two she had won £1 million, prompting Mrs Lang to scream and give Dec a bear-hug.

After a moment where she was literally speechless, she said: "Oh my's just unbelievable. I've come here, answered a few questions and gone away with a million quid.

"We live in a council house and I have a huge family who could all do with some help."

She had risked £84,500 against contestant Julian Sperring-Toy in the game based on poker. In the final head-to-head, the man dubbed The Iceman on the show failed to fold and protect his pot, and lost £75,500.

Last night, Internet trivia quiz fan Mrs Lang, who won £32,000 on the National Lottery programme within the last year, told the Argus: "I can't explain how fantastic it feels.

"It really hasn't sunk in yet. They say I've won £1m but I can't believe it. It'll be another few days before I get used to being a millionaire."

Five minutes after the show finished in London she rushed to phone her family back in Newport.

"All my neighbours and cousins were there and they were screaming down the phone!" she said.

"And my two little ones were absolutely over the moon, it was amazing."

Mrs Lang said although she missed her husband, Nick, 31, and their two children, aged five and three, they didn't join her in London because they would have made her nervous.

The full-time mum had already appeared on BBC quiz shows Wipeout, in which she won £600, and The Weakest Link, five years ago.

At one point she boasted about coming second to Kevin Ashman in the World Quiz Championships in Italy but later revealed that it was a bluff.

"Kevin Ashman doesn't have a clue who I am," she said.

"I was nervous when Julian said he'd checked it on the Internet and that I wasn't on there uh-oh, I thought, he's done his homework.

"But then I said no, you were looking at the European Championships, and he backed down."

She put her success partly down to luck.

"It's all relative. Everybody knows different subjects really well and I was just really lucky with the questions and what a day to be lucky on!"

Mrs Lang, who also bluffed about being in a regular quiz team, had joked that she might buy a plot on the moon, and the Star Trek fan talked of attending a major convention.

But last night Mrs Lang said after paying off the mortgage and other debts, the only thing she had her eye on is a £10,000 Ducati motorbike for her husband, who is a teacher.

"Other than that I'll sit down with a pen and paper and work out what we really want," she said.

"I've got a huge family, so I'll definitely be helping them as well."