HUNDREDS of animal lovers are backing a campaign to save a police dog who could be destroyed.

News that five-year-old German shepherd, Saxon, could be put down sparked outrage across Wales, the UK and as far away as Spain.

An internet campaign, Save our Saxon, was launched to save the dog and supporters are sending protest emails to Gwent Police who have branded him "dangerous".

Caroline Townley, 42, whose dog handler husband, PC Mike Townley, 45, has worked with Saxon for four years, said she was desperate to save him and keep him as a family pet.

PC Townley has received more than 1,500 emails of support from the UK and Spain.

Mrs Townley said her husband was told Saxon was dangerous because he bit him twice in their first year together. But the pair have since been together for almost four years.

"Is this the thanks they give to a faithful and loyal companion? I think it's disgusting," she said.

The mother-of-two said because her house was in the "middle of nowhere" Saxon, who is currently housed at the police dog kennels in Usk, would not cause any harm.

"When off duty Saxon lives at home and is looked after by the whole family," she said.

"There have been times when he's saved my husband's life by keeping dangerous criminals away including someone who was threatening him with an axe. Putting him down would be a crime."

A statement released by Gwent Police said Saxon's future was "under consideration" because officers "assessed" him as being dangerous.

A spokesman confirmed one of the options was putting him down but would not say when a final decision would be made.

"Saxon has been denied a licence on the grounds that he is unsafe to work with, and his future is currently under consideration," he said.