A NEW library system is being proposed for Newport to help meet budget pressures over the next few years.

Newport City Council officers have come up with a new library service to be developed in the city over the next two years as an alternative to the current set up of 12 static sites.

This new system would be based on a central hub and four main libraries which would then be supported by a series of community libraries in smaller premises.

The report called “21st Century Library Provision” suggests that the current community libraries are reviewed and where feasible are moved to shared sites with other agencies or relocated to smaller sites with Pill library being an example of this.

These sites would be equipped with popular stock, ICT facilities, electronic resources and Wi-Fi links.

The report recommends that the priority for 2011 to 2013 is looking for alternative locations for some of the city's older libraries with Lliswerry, Maindee and Bettws being areas likely to benefit from this.

Four main libraries would exist in the city with Ringland, Caerleon, Rogerstone and Malpas being potential locations.

These would be equipped with a range of printed and electronic resources, highly qualified and trained staff and high quality ICT facilities.

The report also recommends refurbishing the Central library and it, together with the four main libraries, would provide public access computers, Wi-fi, specific materials of local interest, education sessions for local schools, and e-book collections.

The report recommends that an external agency is used to carry out a consultation with Newport residents on a new library service for the city.

These proposals will be discussed by the council's leisure and continuing learning overview and scrutiny forum on Thursday.