THERE were significant flaws in the way Newport council went about consulting on its failed bid to put age limits on taxis in the city, a report to the council leader says.

A judicial review, sought and obtained by Lionel Morris on behalf of the Newport Hackney Drivers Association in November last year, meant the policy was overturned in court and costs awarded against the authority.

This left the council facing a potential legal bill of more than £500,000.

An investigation into what happened was submitted to the council's leader councillor Matthew Evans.

Carried out by the council's corporate director for young people and performance, Alasdair Bovaird, it found that the outcome of the judicial review had caused "significant concern within the council and within the city."

Mr Bovaird found flaws in how the taxi age limit policy had been implemented.

He said there had been failings in the reporting of the consultation process with taxi drivers and said that if the legal services department had been aware of this then it would have advised that the council should not defend its decision.

He also referred to the range of reasons given by the council as to why the new policy was needed.

Mr Bovaird said this was muddled and confusing and that the need for public safety was justification enough.

He also said the reason used about the approaching Ryder Cup was not thought through.

Mr Bovaird called the lack of an adequate risk assessment a "significant failing".

He added that the council's action in contesting the claimed costs is necessary so as to protect public funds.

But the report states that no one should be disciplined.

An action plan has been created to ensure the risks of this happening again are minimised.

This includes training for council officers who write reports and improvements to the protocol for seeking legal advice.