DRIVERS trespassing on Newport football pitches have left local teams having to cancel games and lost them money.

Vehicles have been driving across the five pitches at the Glebelands during the past few weeks leaving deep ruts in the ground and forcing teams from the Newport and District league to call off games.

This includes one team who pay £700 a year to have sole use of one of the pitches.

Secretary of the league, Dick Downes said cars were using an open access route to drive into the Glebelands and onto the pitches.

He said: "We already had to cancel games due to the snow and now this has further added to the problems. We are now nine weeks behind schedule with the league."

There are 70 teams in the league and at least three games are played at the Glebelands each week.

Mr Downes said: "We have now had to stop games there until repairs are carried out. This is vandalism which is just ruining it for everyone."

Teams which have had to cancel games include the Riverside Rovers who pay £700 a year to use a pitch.

Chairman of the club, Chris Knight said: "Our teams are under 16 so they don’t understand why they cannot play and are getting really frustrated."

St Julian’s AFC pays £400 to use the grounds.

Secretary of the club, Ian Humphries said: "The men’s team were due to play a game on Saturday but had to cancel as the ground was already hard due to the cold weather and then this has just added to the disruption.

"It is appalling and the people responsible are just showing no respect."