EX-COUNCILLOR Fred Wildgust's resignation has failed to stop the public services ombudsman from investigating the most recent complaint against him.

The former councillor had expected that his resignation would mean an end to the investigation of the complaint made by Torfaen County Borough Council chief executive Alison Ward.

But we can now reveal this is not the case and the ombudsman has confirmed the complaint against Mr Wildgust is being investigated.

The investigation could result in Mr Wildgust facing an adjudication panel again, which means he could face disqualification from standing as a councillor.

The former councillor who was recently suspended for 12 months before handing in his resignation letter, said: "I have not done anything corrupt, I have merely challenged the council. The complaint is going to be processed and the result will be my disqualification.

"It will cost the tax-payer thousands of pounds to go through this process when I am no longer even a councillor."

Mr Wildgust said the complaint by Ms Ward relates to an email sent out in January repeating allegations that Mr Wildgust made during the tribunal which found he had breached the councillors's code of conduct ten times.

A spokeswoman for the ombudsman said: "In terms of the general principle involved, even though a councillor has resigned from his/her position as a member of a local authority the ombudsman can continue with the investigation to its conclusion.

"Whether a complaint is referred to the adjudication panel depends on the outcome of an investigation.

"If the adjudication panel decides that a breach has occurred then one amongst a number of options open to it is to disqualify the person concerned from being, or becoming, a member of a local authority."

If Mr Wildgust is disqualified, this will not bar him from standing as an Assembly Member.