ROCK star Brian May described the Assembly's decision to roll out the cull as a "horrific attack on British wildlife’’.

Efforts to halt a cull of badgers in Wales were overwhelmingly rejected by Assembly Members last night.

The Queen guitarist was at the debate in The Siambr where AMs voted against Mr Black's proposal by 42 to 8.

After the vote, he said: "We can't abuse wild animals just because they are not convenient.

"The only logical extremity of what [minister] Elin Jones is doing is to kill all the badgers in Wales, that's really where it's going.

"But even if you did that, you would still have a Bovine TB problem. I find it incredible that people cannot see that scientific evidence and take it on board.’’ Previously, the Badger Trust said it would consider its legal options - hinting at another application for a judicial review - should the cull be approved by Assembly Members.

A spokesman for the trust said: "The order has been rushed through before the Welsh Assembly is dissolved on March 31 in preparation for the Welsh Assembly elections on May 5.’’