LOOK what’s landed in the back garden of one Newport man’s home.

Lifelong Doctor Who fan John Williams, 42, spent eight months and more than £700 creating his Tardis.

The creation will now stand in his back garden alongside his model of the doctor's trusty companion K9 which he made about four years ago after being inspired when Dr Who was filmed at his daughters’ school Duffryn High.

Mr Williams, who works as a design engineer in Northampton, said: "I have always enjoyed Doctor Who and I also like doing artistic things. I just started working on this in my spare time."

Mr Williams' replica of the Tardis is made from plywood and stands at 2.6m tall and covers a floor space of 1.4m squared.

It comes complete with indoor lighting and will be used by Mr Williams to store garden furniture.

Mr Williams, who is married to Fiona and has three children Alexandra, 20, Eleanore, 19 and Gareth, 13, said: "I had created a K9 back in the 1980s but was living with my parents and so had to get rid of it. I was inspired to bring it back to life after seeing the real K9 at the school though.

"I just find Doctor Who is a great source of escapism and it inspires me. I think my next venture will be making a Dalek but that is a while off yet."