LAST June, Caroline and Jonathan Morgan went through every new parent’s worst nightmare when their daughter was stillborn.

The Newport couple were left devastated after spending just 12 hours with their first child, their "sleeping angel" Anabelle Violet.

But now in a bid to keep her memory alive and to raise awareness of a subject they feel is a "silent issue", the pair are fundraising for Sands, a stillborn and neonatal death charity.

Anabelle was stillborn at Nevill Hall Hospital, Abergavenny, on June 21 last year weighing 4lbs 5oz.

She had died inside her mother’s womb five days before.

The couple found out they were expecting Anabelle in December 2009.

But when Mrs Morgan, of Celtic Horizon, Duffryn, was 32 weeks pregnant, she noticed Anabelle had stopped moving.

After contacting the hospital, she had a scan on June 16 when she was 32 weeks and four days pregnant which was when she was told the devastating news.

Mrs Morgan, 26, was induced but did not go into active labour until five days later.

The couple spent 12 precious hours with their daughter taking photographs, hand and footprints and a lock of her hair.

No reason was found for Anabelle's death.

Mrs Morgan said: "Our entire world shattered that day. A bit of us died with her.

"Stillbirth is not a thing of the past. Seventeen babies are stillborn every day in the UK."

The couple will now hold a birthday fete for Anabelle on June 25 at Ponthir Village Hall between 12 and 3pm. Entry is £1. A charity raffle will also be held at the event with prizes which have been donated by local companies.

All funds raised will be donated to Sands and bank Santander have promised to match the fundraising if a £700 mark is reached.

To donate to the cause visit