I do not see myself as a politician but a community activist. I work for Kaleidoscope who provide drug and alcohol services throughout Wales.

The cause I represent is not a popular one but I feel that a country is judged by how well it treats those who are most vulnerable in the community. One of Kaleidoscopes first projects was setting up a service in Tredegar and I felt privileged to work with the community to ensure we could set up a first class provision.

So why am I standing for the Liberal Democrats? Primarily it is because they believe in communities responding to problems rather than big government trying to govern every aspect of their lives. I also believe they are committed to social justice and have a commitment to people having fair opportunities in life.

The Labour Plaid Government are stealing our young people’s future by a lack of investment in education. Children in Wales get £600 less per pupil in every school compared to their English counterpart. If we do not give our children the tools to a brighter future what hope is there.

I am also committed to supporting people on lower incomes so that work pays.

The promise already being enacted, of reducing tax for lower income workers is fundamental to achieve this.

So if you feel Wales could do better vote Liberal Democrat.