THIS may be my first election campaign but I am no newcomer to campaigns.

Just over five years ago I staged a sit-in and sleep-in in the Assembly to highlight the fact that the breast cancer drug Herceptin was not available everywhere in Wales on the Health Service. It was a classic postcode lottery.

My occupation of the Assembly lasted a week and ended when I got an assurance from the then health minister that Herceptin would in future be available across Wales on the NHS.

I also campaigned successfully for prostate cancer treatment known as brachytherapy.

And, more recently, I took my campaign for more effective cancer screening to the Senedd in Cardiff Bay. That issue will be on the agenda of the new health committee once it is established by the next Assembly after the May 5 elections.

Okay, I make a bit of a nuisance of myself, but I make no apology if it means getting things done!

Now I want to turn my campaigning to improve the lot of Blaenau Gwent.

I have an ambitious, radical agenda but I believe it is achievable and that it will help immensely to turn around the fortunes of Blaenau Gwent.

In England 21 new enterprise investment zones are to be created. I want to see these being developed in Wales too and in particular I want to see a Heads of the Valleys Enterprise Park.

It would mean tax breaks, reduced planning restrictions and superfast broadband. Its principal purpose would be to encourage start-up businesses by getting rid of a lot of the red tape.

Thirty years ago the first enterprise zone was created in Swansea and is today a thriving combination of business park, retail park and industrial estate. Imagine the job opportunities this would present on our doorstep!

A few months ago the former Welsh Assembly Government scrapped grants to companies wanting to set up business or expand existing businesses in Wales.

I understand two or three would-be investors have turned their backs on Blaenau Gwent because so-called Regional Selective Assistance is no longer available. These grants must be restored because business leaders are heading to England and even Scotland where RSA is still on offer.

As a mother of two, albeit grown up, children I would campaign for measures to alleviate child poverty which is worse in Blaenau Gwent than anywhere in Wales.

And I want improvements to the rail network and public transport in general, to the A465 by the completion of its dualling, and to health and education.