British National Party Assembly Members will hold every political party and every politician to account for their pitiful and deafening silence on the two great unmentionables of our times: the creation of the multicultural society and the European Union.

We will expose the scandals of politically correct spending of public finances and highlight corruption and inefficiency from within.

We shall hassle, harry and question ‘establishment’ Assembly Members on behalf of the taxpayer.

We entirely reject any devious or underhanded attempt by the State to impose any foreign constitution on the British people and entirely reject the old parties’ imposition of the EU’s Lisbon Constitutional Treaty, in which they reneged on their promises to hold a referendum.

Neither the unconstitutional and treacherous transfer of sovereignty of present and future generations of the British people to unelected foreign EU commissioners nor the imposition of a multicultural society has ever been discussed or debated amongst the electorate.

Both have been imposed without any consent or consultation. We maintain it is not for the people of Wales to need to justify our existence to the State, but rather for the State to justify its existence to the people of Wales.