HUNDREDS of local people and visitors from further afield stepped back in time as Chepstow welcomed its first ever Steampunk festival yesterday.

All kinds of costumes were on show during the three-day event, which was organised for the Steampunks – fans of Victorian re-enactments and the steam-powered science fiction of writers like HG Wells and Jules Verne.

People wearing everything from corsets to top hats and tails were seen making their way through the town to various events on the schedule.

This included a magic lantern show, where historic films were shown, a slack rope walker and a mechanized market, for which people had made some items similar to the type popular more than 100 years ago.

The main event, on the Saturday night, was the ball attended by around 200 people.

Steampunk Amanda Groves, 34, from Sedbury, who makes historical looking hats, spent two weeks sewing her outfit together from material.

She and friend Donna Brown, 22, said the festival was a good opportunity for people to share their interest.

She said: “We thought there was about four of us around here but there’s loads actually.

“Its been a wonderful weekend.”

Tutshill-born Kate Downes, 19, was using pen and ink to create portraits of imaginary historical characters and visitors to the mechanized market.

She said: “I like Steampunk because everyone has a story.

“I’m dressed as part of an airship crew and it’s just fun, playing pretend.”

Visitors had trawled through charity and vintage shops looking for pieces for their outfits.

Rogiet organisers Andy Dingley, 47 and his partner Rachel White, 34, said they were pleased the event was well-supported by locals.

Mr Dingley said: “It’s not a well-known scene as it’s slightly startling when you see someone wearing a pith helmet and goggles tottering down the street, but Chepstow has done us proud.”