A NEWPORT woman is celebrating after scooping £100,000 onTVgame show Deal or No Deal.

Sam Hunt, 21, told viewers of the Channel 4 show on Monday that she would donate half of the money to a Kenyan project, which she has previously supported, to fund the building of seven schools.

She will also use her winnings to buy a one-way ticket to New Zealand, buy a sports car and get lessons to help her gain a private pilot’s licence.

The trainee primary school teacher, who is currently studying in London, is one of just seven people in the show’s history to walk away with a £100,000 prize.

Cheered on in the audience by her sister, Katie, and dad, Andy, Miss Hunt started the game off well, eliminating six of the dreaded blue boxes in the first two rounds.

But in the minutes that followed she lost the £250,000 jackpot and other top red boxes including the £50,000 and £75,000 prizes.

The elusive Banker offered Miss Hunt £12,000 – half of which would be enough to build a school in Kenya, host Noel Edmonds pointed out – but she was determined not to give in just yet.

And her gamble paid off as she excluded the remaining blue boxes and was finally left with two red – one containing £100,000 and the other £15,000.

The Banker made her a final offer of £36,000, which she rejected before she opened her number 18 box, revealing that she had the £100,000 in her possession all along.

Host Noel Edmonds described it as one of the most sensational games he had ever seen.