USERS of cards on the Severn Bridges could be using a new PIN-less system in the next few months which officials hope will speed up toll payments at the bridge.

The Highways Agency said that new debit and credit card reading systems could be put in place in toll booths by the end of July.

Currently bridge users who decide to use their card on the bridge have to type in their PIN code to authorise their payment.

Under the new system the card would merely be recognised before the payment is made.

A spokeswoman for the Highways Agency assured users that the system was “very secure” and said it would be quicker for drivers than the current set-up.

She said it was a standard used on several motorway systems, including the M6 Toll motorway in the English Midlands.

Before the card payment systems were introduced bridge users were only able to pay by cash.

Following a long campaign by local politicians card payments was finally introduced by the Ryder Cup in the autumn of last year.

They were then withdrawn for a short period but then were reintroduced during the winter of last year.

Work to resurface part of the Second Severn Crossing was due to begin this month but has now been delayed until September.

The works were delayed by Severn River Crossing PLC due to problems with the procurement process.