A TREDEGAR student who starred in two major films and picked up his degree in the past 12 months said he feels like pinching himself to see if he's dreaming after yet another acting success.

Darren Evans celebrated his graduation from Swansea Metropolitan University just days after securing a part in popular BBC Three TV series Being Human.

News of his latest role has been described by the 21-year-old as the icing on the cake.

Last year, he made his debut performance on the silver screen in British comedy flick Submarine - which was directed by IT crowd actor Richard Ayoade and counts Ben Stiller as its executive producer.

Mr Evans then became the envy of his university pals when he starred alongside Hollywood actress Minnie Driver in the comedy Hunky Dory.

He said: "My mates in uni think I'm the jammiest person alive.

"It's been a remarkable past 12 months. I feel like pinching myself to see if it's a dream.’’ Darren's love affair with acting began five years ago, when he took part in a community theatre project sponsored by the local police.

The Tredegar Comprehensive School pupil then went on to appear in a touring production of Frank Vickery's Ten O'Clock From The House.

He initially felt uneasy about telling his parents he wanted to pursue a career in acting, thinking they may say it was a waste of time.

However, he added: "They've been brilliant from day one and have really supported me.

"They said as long as I'm happy, that's all that matters to them.’’ And Liverpool football fan Darren has given his mum and dad Judith and Paul plenty to be proud of.

Since enrolling on the performing arts degree course at Swansea Met he has broadened his outlook on performing.

During his second year, he landed the main supporting role of Chips in Ayoade's debut film, as well as keeping up with his studies.

Submarine, based on the novel by Swansea author Joe Dunthorne, is a coming-of-age story about a teenager who struggles to win the affections of a girl, while trying to stop his mother from leaving his father for her dance teacher.

"It was an amazing experience,’’ added former Cross Keys College student Darren.

"It was quite difficult doing filming and university at the same time to begin with.

"Some shoots would start at 7am and finish at 9pm, but I was lucky that my lecturers allowed me to take some time off - they were fantastic to me.

"Working with Richard Ayoade was also great too. Having seen him in the IT Crowd, I was a bit star struck at first. But he was such a laid back guy and really made you feel at ease.

"Looking back at Submarine it still feels pretty surreal, especially because Ben Stiller was the executive producer for it. Some days I just can't get my head around the fact that Ben Stiller has seen me act.’’