IF YOU’VE ever had trouble understanding what Newport folk are talking about when they use words like “gopping” or “cwtch”, help is at hand via a handy new smart phone app.

The Newport Slang Translator, created by the University of Wales, Newport, takes a tongue in cheek look at some of the words and phrases students from outside the area may experience while living in the city.

The application allows users to search and browse a list of Newport phrases including “I’ll be there now in a minute,” and “Going down the Port is it boyo?” in native accents with Queen’s English translations.

Joss Ingram, the university’s web development manager, whose team came up with the app, said: “While the application has a humourous side to it and is designed to entertain and gently poke fun at the differences between local lingo and so-called ‘proper’ English, there is a serious side to it.”

She said the university recognised the power of mobile technology and wants to provide services to students and help market the university. The app can be downloaded for free at outlets including iTunes.