CINEMA-GOERS in Monmouthshire planning to see the new Hollywood blockbuster Captain America, may spot a few familiar locations, as film-makers shot many of the war scenes in Caerwent.

The film, which stars A-list actors including Chris Evans, Samuel L Jackson, and Tommy Lee Jones, is a big-screen adaptation of the popular Marvel comic character Captain America, and tells the story of an ordinary GI who is transformed into a genetically-modified soldier with super powers by a secret military experiment during the Second World War.

Location managers looking for a suitable site to film the war scenes approached the Wales Screen Commission, who immediately recommended the MoD training camp in Caerwent.

During October 2010, movie makers shot most of the war scenes that feature in the film around the site, which also coincided with Newport’s hosting of the Ryder Cup, which actors Samuel L Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones were seen attending.

Monmouthshire has proved a popular location with film crews in recent years, with the Wales Screen Commission playing a big part in encouraging many feature film and TV companies to use areas of the county to film an impressive number of hit movies and TV programmes.

Time Bandits and Just Visiting were filmed at Raglan Castle, and more recently Chepstow Castle was used by BBC film crews to shoot scenes from TV series Merlin, and SARA’s Beachley Station was used to film scenes from Casualty.

The 2010 BBC comedy series Whites, starring Alan Davies, was also filmed in Chepstow.

In 2006 the Wales Screen Commission encouraged the producers of the film The Baker, starring Damian Lewis, to film in Grosmont, Monmouthshire.

Dan Shepperd, co-producer said at the time: “The Wales Screen Commission have been very helpful in terms of locations and helping us find things.”

The biggest blockbuster to date to be filmed in Monmouthshire is JK Rowling’s Harry Potter franchise – with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows parts 1 and 2 being filmed in a number of locations around the county.