GOLDIE Lookin’ Chain are the latest supporters of the Argus’ Buy Local campaign.

The Newport rappers, famous for their comedy lyrics and videos, are encouraging people to shop locally.

GLC’s Rhys Hutchings, aka Xain, said: “We need to get people to shop locally. To go into their local towns and see the local butcher and go to their local cafes.”

GLC members have promoted one of their local towns in their latest video which has now had more than 50,000 hits on You Tube.

The Fresh Prince of Cwmbran takes the famous theme tune from the Will Smith show The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and makes it all about Cwmbran.

The video, now a big hit on You Tube, is filmed across Cwmbran with glimpses of Cwmbran Shopping Centre, Greenmeadow Community Farm and Burton's Biscuits.

Mr Hutchings said the video is completely positive about Cwmbran.

“We have a secret hidden love for Cwmbran. It’s a great place.”

He said: “I’ve been going up to Cwmbran since I was a kid. It was a wonderful place, quite enchanting.”

The rappers speak of the good pubs in Cwmbran, reasonable rates of renting a warehouse in West Cwmbran and that the first McDonalds in South Wales was in Cwbran.

They also suggest trying folk dancing at Llantarnam Church Hall and staying the night at the Premier Inn.

Mr Hutchings said; “Eggsy, my partner in crime, always wanted to be called the Fresh Prince of Cwmbran and thought it would be a good television programme.”

He said it took them a couple of hours to write the new rap but had been thinking about the idea for some time.

It follows on from the group's success last year with You're Not From Newport and You'll Never be Alone on Christmas Day.

GLC has also just finished working on a collaboration with a ska cover band which it hopes to put out soon.

* The rappers will be playing Monmouth Festival this weekend and V Festival and Bestival later in the summer. For more on that see The Guide free with today's Argus