A £13.4 million solar panel farm, the largest site accredited by the electricity supply regulator in Wales, is now up and running in Monmouthshire.

The solar farm, consisting of 22,500 panels, was built on a 32-acre site across four fields at Llancayo, near Usk, and is feeding power into the national grid.

South Wales Argus: Usk windfarm 310

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The farm will generate enough electricity to power 2,500 homes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It will produce 4.45million units of electricity each year and save at least 60,792 tonnes of Co2 emissions over 25 years by comparsion with fossil fuels.

The system works using solar panels which generate energy from daylight, not direct sunlight, and generates electricity all year-round.

Twenty panels are fixed to each table, which is secured on an above-ground frame, no higher than 2.5metres high which are screened by hedgerows and cannot be seen from the road.

The land, which is leased from Llancayo Farm and previously used to grow cereals, was chosen because it can fully integrate the solar arrays within the landscape.

The scheme, funded by panel manufacturer, Risen, was constructed and is managed by Smarter Energy Solutions Limited – London-based specialists in energy efficiency and saving.

Managing director, Paul Hunter described the scheme as ‘groundbreaking’ and added: “Solar energy is zero carbon emission technology and the cleanest form of renewable energy.

“The scheme will save 2,431 tonnes a year of Co2 emissions and 60,792 tonnes over 25 years.”

Mr Hunter said the site is the largest solar farm in Wales to be accredited by electricity market regulator Ofgen. “This is one of the largest in Wales for large scale electricity generation using solar panels and was installed in record time in the UK.” he said.

“It usually takes six to eight months to complete but we had 100 people working around the clock for a fortnight.”

South Wales Argus: Usk windfarm 310

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