Anyone visiting St David’s Hall on Sunday evening might have thought Halloween had arrived a night early when seeing the gothic stylised set 80s pop band Erasure would be performing on.

Decorated with Gargoyles and gothic architecture the set with fluorescent lighting looked like a scene from Buffy the Vampire Slayer but was one of several highlights of a fabulous evening of great music.

This was Erasure’s fifth visit to St David’s Hall and the event began with an opening set featuring FrankMusik who delivered over half an hour synth pop including the catchy Do it in the AM and No I.D.

After a break of half an hour Erasure aka Andy Bell and Vince Clarke appeared on stage in dazzling red jackets with Andy sporting a Roman Centurion’s helmet. As Vince took his place at his gargoyle styled synthesiser, Andy launched into the song Sono Luminous as the audience rose to their feet to lap up the atmosphere of classic 80s pop.

Hits such as Always, Blue Savannah, Sometimes and A Little Respect were featured alongside songs from Erasure’s new album Tomorrows World including Be With You and A Whole Lotta Love Run Riot.

Andy Bell proved himself the consummate performer; frequently chatting with the audience and appearing genuinely pleased at the huge turnout the Cardiff audience had given Erasure.

Unlike many bands of their time Erasure actually sound better live than on their recordings and are definitely not to be missed when they return to Cardiff in the future!