Blackwood Little Theatre have come up with some great pantos over the years, but Cinderella, directed by Jerry Grummitt, has to the best yet.

From the moment that Fairy Barbara (Peta Maidman) appears in her best glitter, you just know this is going to be a really enjoyable couple of hours.

There is a wonderful variety of the usual panto characters with the ugly sisters Gertie (Matthew Oliver) and Nellie (Steve Dobson) stealing the show as they strut round the stage in their gaudy costumes.

Mark Thomas is Buttons and comes out with a stream of occasionally quite risque one-liners that go straight over the little ones' heads, but keep the adults entertained!

Shelley Bethan Morgan takes the title role as Cinderella, and is suitably sweet and sunny natured as she endures the evil taunts of her stepmother and sisters.

Some of the best scenes are those when Fairy Barbara and her fairy-in-training Wanda magically transform her into a princess ready for the ball.

And the dances, expertly choreographed by 17-year-old Sally Grumitt, bring a real energy to the show with a troupe of very well-rehearsed young dancers of all ages.

It just proves you don't have to head to the cities's theatres at great expense to enjoy a truly professional festive panto.