SIXTEEN Gwent schools are oversubscribed by more than 770 pupils, figures obtained by the Argus show.

A Freedom of Information request shows that there are 773 more pupils than spaces available. In Newport alone there are nine schools which among them have 617 more pupils than places.

This includes Caerleon Comprehensive, which has 1,678 pupils on its roll, 189 more than its capacity of 1,489, while Bassaleg School has 1,686 pupils, 158 more than its capacity of 1,528.

St Julian’s High has 1,624 pupils, 141 more than its capacity of 1,483.

Head teacher of St Julian’s High Denise Richards said a popular and oversubscribed school is a positive thing.

She said: “Part of the reason we are popular is that we aim for excellence in all we do and were given ‘outstanding’ status at our last inspection.

“We are a school that thrives with every type of child and believes in their potential.”

ANewport council spokeswoman said the large number of pupils in some schools was due to an increase in pupil population in the city and the council’s policy on secondary education, which currently guarantees places in secondary schools to any pupil who lives within a school’s designated catchment area.

She said: “The council has recently undertaken a full capacity re-assessment across the city’s schools and this has identified some schools with less capacity than was previously determined.

“Since it is not possible to remove pupils already attending these schools from the school roll, the council must wait for these high year groups to naturally move through the school.

“Improving Newport’s already high educational standards is an important priority for the council, regardless of the pupil numbers in a school.”

In Torfaen there are four schools which have 118 more pupils than places among them. This includes St Albans RC High School.

The school, which has a capacity of 1,017, currently has 1,104 pupils, a difference of 87.

Executive member for children and young people in Torfaen Cllr Mary Barnett said the council’s main concern is the number of surplus placess.

She said: “The council is constantly reviewing the demand for places, or lack of, by monitoring birth rates, migration, housing and parental preference.

Capacity is always being reviewed and we are confident our 21st Century Schools programme will reduce surplus places, ensuring that schools are of the right size and located in the right place.”

In Blaenau Gwent there are three oversubscribed schools, which among them have 38 more pupils than places available.

A Blaenau Gwent council spokeswoman said: “While we accept that this is not an ideal situation, we do not consider this as being a significant issue.”

Both Monmouthshire and Caerphilly have no schools which have more pupils than places.

Oversubscribed schools in Gwent


Caerleon Comprehensive (capacity 1,489, number on roll 1,678)

Bassaleg School (capacity 1,528, number on roll 1,686)

St Julian’s High School (capacity 1,483, number on roll 1,624)

St Joseph’s RC High (capacity 1,431, number on roll 1,479)

High Cross Primary School (capacity 210, number on roll 235)

Mount Pleasant Primary School (capacity 210, number on roll 236)

St Joseph’s RC Primary School (capacity 176, number on roll 192)

Rogerstone Primary School (capacity 450, number on roll 460)

Malpas Church Junior School (capacity 208, number on roll 212)


St Alban’s RC High School (capacity 1,017, number on roll 1,104)

Ysgol Bryn Onnen (capacity 210, number on roll 236)

Croesyceiliog Primary School (capacity 420, number on roll 424)

Padre Pio RC Primary School (capacity 210 places, number on roll 211)

Blaenau Gwent:

Beaufort Hill Primary (capacity 198, number on roll 207)

Bryngwyn Primary (capacity 189 number on roll 209)

Glyncoed Primary (capacity 295, number on roll 304)


No schools with more pupils than places.


No schools with more pupils than places.