A HORROR author is achieving success in America with his latest novel – a tale of flesh-eating zombies set in the Gwent town of Usk.

Craig Jones, 41, began writing novels two years ago as something to do while his wife completed her Master’s dissertation.

Mr Jones, who lives in Cardiff but plays for Usk Tennis Club, published five novellas and a vampire novel before he started work on his second book – Outbreak: The Zombie Apocalypse.

It tells the story of two brothers living a privileged lifestyle in Usk who choose to lend a hand when a zombie epidemic comes to town.

The brothers invite people into the safety of their mansion home, but things soon start to go wrong and the fight for survival is taken into the town and later on to the Welsh capital.

Mr Jones, who often includes people he knows in his books, uses some of his fellow players from Usk Tennis Club as characters who meet gruesome deaths as the action unfolds.

But Mr Jones said his opponents on the tennis court didn’t seem to mind too much that he had killed them off in print.

He said: “They feel quite flattered to be included!”

The novel has been picked up by American publisher E-Volve Press, who published it as an e-book, and since its release on January 2 it has made it into the top 50 of Amazon’s horror chart.

Mr Jones, whose literary influences include Stephen King and Max Brooks, said Usk was perfect for the start of a zombie novel because of its rural setting.

He said: “The thing about zombie horror is the isolation.

“Survivors will always be surrounded by zombies, and if you’re in the countryside then what have you got to help you?”

Mr Jones, who works for Public Health Wales, said he would love to turn writing into a full-time career, and is currently finishing another novella.

Outbreak: The Zombie Apocalypse can be bought for £1.98 on amazon.co.uk.

For more information about Mr Jones visit craigjoneshorror.co.uk