A DIGITAL interpretation of Newport’s Medieval Ship will help experts piece it back together, a council report says.

Newport City Council will apply for a £21,000 grant from the Welsh Assembly Government’s museums archives and libraries division, CyMAL, to fund 3D designs of the 15th vessel.

A report to councillors says the project would see a digital reconstruction of the entire ship, based on archaeological evidence, traditional ship building knowledge and historical research.

This will then be used to help guide the reassembly of the ship’s timbers which are currently being conserved at a warehouse in Maesglas.

The designs would also be featured in any future museum which could house the ship, once rebuilt, and could form the base for interactive displays, games and animations.

Ship building specialist Pat Tanner, who has created models from similar ship remains including the Drogheda shipwreck in Ireland, would carry out the work over 100 days if funding was granted.

The report says using computer technology would enable conservationists to get a better idea of how the Newport Ship, which was found on the banks of the River Usk in 2002 during the building of the Riverfront theatre, sailed.

It would allow the public to gain an insight and understanding of many aspects of life in medieval times.

Cllr Charles Ferris, patron of the Friends of the Newport