FEES for cemeteries, park activities and waste and skip permits could go up in Torfaen, through proposals to help earn the council an extra £52,000.

Torfaen council has suggested increasing fees and charges for its neighbourhood services for 2012/13.

The proposals include the exclusive right of a burial rising from £432 this year to £500 next year for a grave and from £218 to £250 for cremated remains.

The cost of having a memorial at a cemetery would also increase from £218 to £240; a meadow burial would go up by £100, and; the hire of a chapel would go from£83 to £100 from April. In a report discussed by the council’s cleaner communities overview and scrutiny committee yesterday, council officers say this extra money from cemetery fees would go towards the new Llwyn Celyn Cemetery in Cwmbran.

Permits for a weekly skip permit and a weekly scaffolding permit would each go up by £1.50 to £37.50, while bulky waste collections would rise from £12.50 to £15. Charges for outdoor sports facilities would also increase under the proposals.

This includes slight increases in bowls season tickets and the increase in pavilion hire from £16.50 to £20 and the hire of the actual bowls green for a match from £14 to £16.

There would also be increases in the pitch hire for cricket, football and rugby and for the use of changing rooms.

The cost of floodlights per match would rise from £70 to £80 and from £35 to £40 per training session.

Proposals by the council are also for rises in hard-surface hire, for the cost of playing golf and tennis and for going fishing and putting.

The cost of using paddle boats for 20 minutes would go up by 30p to £2 and from£6 to £6.50 for using rowing boats for 30 minutes.

The report said the proposed fees for sporting activities and cemeteries have been compared to those of neighbouring local authorities and still represent value for money.