ARTIST Osi Rhys Osmond has gone back to his roots for his latest exhibition which pays tribute to his boyhood home in Gwent.

Mr Osmond’s exhibition, "Landscape and Inheritance", looks back at his childhood in Wattsville and aims to capture the historic and geological landscapes of the lower Sirhowy Valley.

He also pays homage to his family, in which his father, uncles and grandfathers worked as miners.

Mr Osmond said: "This exhibition is my small tribute to my family, my boyhood friends, the community that made me, and those who went before me in bequeathing to me a mystery; a history and a wonder at our brief eternities and where and how we spend them."

The exhibition is made up of recent paintings, drawings and photographs, sound recordings and a selection of Mr Osmond’s early works from his days as a student.

Mr Osmond said the Wattsville of today is now unrecognisable to what he remembered, after the loss of the mining industry.

He said: "When hundreds and thousands of men are put out of work, the effect of that is monumental. People do not heal as easily as the landscape and I think the community is still feeling the repercussions.

'Landscape and Inheritance' runs at the Rhondda Heritage Park until April 22. Admission is free.