THE pay of the highest paid council officials in Gwent has been revealed by a pressure group.

The Taxpayers Alliance revealed that former Blaenau Gwent chief executive Robin Morrison received the largest remuneration package among council officials during 2010/11 in Gwent.

The Town Hall Rich List survey showed Newport council’s managing director, Tracey Lee, was the second highest paid chief officer, and the alliance said 33 officials in the region were awarded more than £100,000.

The figures cover the total renumeration for the executives – including salary, pension contributions, expenses and compensation for officers in post at 2010-11.

However the figures are small compared to the highest in the UK – with one official in Glasgow earning a package of £450,628.

Blaenau Gwent’s Mr Morrison received £163,624 – made up of £111,866 in salary, benefits in kind of £1,132, a pension contribution of £25,394, compensation of £25,084 and £148 in expenses.

The Argus reported that Mr Morrison applied for his contract to be terminated and left his post in March 2011.

Four other officials at the council received more than £100,000. Newport council’s managing director, Tracey Lee, received a total of £141,479, which included a salary of £116,836 and pension contributions of £23,718.

Ten other Newport officers were said to receive more than £100,000, including three corporate directors and the chief education officer.

The council said a number of employees received a oneoff renumeration above £100,000 as a result of a voluntary redundancy scheme during that year.

Caerphilly’s former chief executive, Stuart Rosser, received £117,926 – he retired in September 2010.

His replacement, former director of environment Anthony O’Sullivan, received £136,639 for the year.

Three others received more than £100,000.

Torfaen’s chief executive, Alison Ward, earned £133,749, with four other officers receiving more than £100,000.

Monmouthshire chief executive Paul Matthews’ renumeration package was £135,439.

The TPA said that six other Monmouthshire officers earned more than £100,000 – however the council said the salaries given by the group for three directors was inaccurate.

The highest renumeration package in Wales was listed at Pembrokeshire where its chief executive received £195,164.