• HUNT launched for escaped emu after one was spotted on Gwent golf course
  • Emu's owner has been found and the emu re-captured
  • RSPCA officer injured trying to capture bird
  • VIDEO: Emu wandering on Blackwood golf course.


    The RSPCA are now saying they're not sure if the bird was an emu or not


    Apparently Radio 5 are saying it was a 'rhea' not an emu. I'm sorry - you get more puns per pound for emu.


    THE Emu's owner has been found and the emu re-captured.

    The owner, appparently lived two miles away and turned up in reception at the golf course, course manager Simon Daniel told us.

    He had been too embarrased to ring round after one went missing, fearing no-one would believe him.

    Do you know the emu's owner? Let us know at newsdesk@southwalesargus.co.uk or call 01633 777219.


    Bryn Meadows women's golf captain, Megan Vaughan said the emu "tried to eat my golf ball" while she was on the green.



    Bryn Meadows women's golf captain said the bird "tried to eat my golf ball" while she was on the green.


    Posting video of the emu now. Got to admit, it looks at home on the course, strolling about the greens


    Bryn Meadows Golf Club's biggest birdy has prompted a flood of poor puns here at the Argus. What's you best joke or pun for the bird that's a fairway from home? Leave yours below.


    The RSPCA officer who tried to capture the emu was injured after the bird pushed her away with its powerful legs, clawing at her torso.

    Our photographer Mark Lewis said the bird is pretty tame (as long as you don't try and grab it (as you'll see from video I'll post shortly).

    Bird has been 'wandering golf course for weeks'


    Apparently when it was fed sandwiches it didn't like spam or bacon and only ate the bread. Poor thing - it's probably pining for widgery grubs or whatever it eats in Australia.


    Reporter at the scene, Charles Booth said there were rumours that another emu was on the course.


    THE BLUNDERING birdy wandering around Blackwood golf course is reported to be "on the 9th hole and making its way down the hill, towards the clubhouse" according to the manager of Brynmeadows Golf Club.


    South Wales Argus: ON THE GREEN: The emu has left the rough for fairway

    LATEST shot of the escaped emu on the fairway. What do you think its handicap is?


    South Wales Argus: SITTING PRETTY: Our photographer Mark Lewis snapped the escaped bird in the rough

    ARGUS photographer Mark Lewis snaps the escaped bird in the rough at the edge of the course.


    The emu has been spotted on the 5th green of the golf course, says Martin Sanders of the Golf Shop at Bryn Meadows Golf Course.

    Are you at or near the scene? Send us pics to newsdesk@southwalesargus.co.uk, via mobile on 80360 with the message ARGUS NEWS, or e-mail us.


    A HUNT was launched for an escaped emu after one of the birds was spotted on a Gwent golf course yesterday.

    An RSPCA officer was called to Bryn Meadows Golf Hotel and Spa in Maesycwmmer, near Blackwood after golfers reported sightings of the bird and saw people feeding the bird with sandwiches.

    RSPCA officer Sophie Daniels said: "I was taken out in a golf buggy and I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw the emu! The bird came over to feed from me but as soon as I tried to capture her, she kicked so hard I had to let her go. We have advised Animal Health and the local authority and hope that the emu will be caught later today."

    The emu is native to Australia and second only in size to the ostrich.

    If anyone has any information about this incident, they are urged to contact the RSPCA cruelty and information line on 0300 1234 999. Calls will be treated in confidence.