NEXT week will see the launch of Newport's new colourful residents, SuperDragons 2, and now you can see exactly where all of the 60 of them will be.

This interactive map shows the whereabouts of all of this year’s dragons when they are moved out on to the trail in Newport on Monday (July 2).

John Frost Square will be the best place to spot a dragon with six of the creations based there until they are removed in September.

Those taking up home in the square will include Argus cartoonist Tim Harries’ Purple People Eater, Newport Transport’s sponsored beast Benjamin the Bus as well as the Firestarter, Elvis, Diva Dragon, and fresh from a trip on HMS Severn, Blodeuwedd.

Your Argus’ dragon, Cityscape, created by Lauren Brown, will be one of four housed in Belle Vue Park, while Argus competition winner, Ria Dummet, 9, and Tom Price’s Superman Dragon will be on the Riverfront. Acting as a giant moneybox all funds raised will go towards the Mayor’s charities.

Charity For Luca, who are looking to raise funds so three-year-old Lucas Williams can get prosthetic legs, will have their dragon at Tesco on Spytty retail park Visitors to the city arriving by train will be greeted by the Empire Dragon, who will keep watch over the station, while Gerard Whyman’s Dame Edna Everage inspired, Draggran, will aim to cheer up patients heading to the Royal Gwent.

Dragons move to their new homes

YESTERDAY saw a mass movement of Dragons as all 60 of this year’s them went on display.

The 6ft tall pieces of public art were being moved from their home for the last few months, The Dragon’s Den (U.R.B.A.N in John Frost Square), to the Kingsway centre for the grand launch of the SuperDragons 2 trail.

Last night it was a chance for the artists to relax and catch up after months of hard work on their dragons, and see all the dragons in one place for the only time before they go out on the trail.

You can follow the SuperDragons trail on

Our interactive map shows where each SuperDragon will be living across the city, but we need your help to make it even better! Send us your snaps of the SuperDragons, telling us where you saw it and the number of the Dragon, and we will add it to the map. Send your picture via mobile on 80360 with the message ARGUS NEWS or to