A NEWPORT sci-fi fan has become the two-time winner of Britain’s Tardis shed of the year competition.

John Williams, 44, from Allt- yr-yn, has loved the hit BBC show Doctor Who since childhood.

And although he doesn’t work in art, he has maintained a creative streak since studying at art college.

So Mr Williams decided to put his creative talents to use crafting the 1.4 metres square and 2.6 metre tall replica of the famous Time Lord’s time-travelling device in his back garden last year.

Encouraged by Argus readers, he entered the shed of the year competition and claimed the national Tardis category title in 2011.

So impressed were the judges that the engineer’s creation automatically qualified again this year, and triumphed once more.

Mr Williams said of his creation, which is made of plywood and houses his garden furniture: “It was a real surprise to hear that she’d made it through to the final again this year.

“I’d originally built her because I wanted to add something different and out of place to the garden.

“I already had a standardlooking shed in the opposite corner for more practical purposes, so to offset that a Tardis for a Doctor Who fan was the obvious choice.

“However, I had to battle a force (his wife Fiona) tougher than the Daleks in order to gain approval first, but in true Time Lord fashion, diplomacy prevailed!”

While the Tardis is for his son, nephews and nieces to enjoy, those following the SuperDragon trail this summer will be able to see Mr Williams’ sci-fi inspired Cyberdragon, which is based at Seren housing.