AHMADIYYA Muslim Youth Association has joined Keep Wales Tidy’s Yellow Fish campaign to raise awareness about sources of water pollution.

Yellow Fish aims to highlight the damage caused by pouring oils, paints, solvents, chemicals or dirty water down highway gullies or surface drains.

The Ahamadiyya Muslim Youth Association volunteers based in Newport were directed to areas in Newport and Caldicot by the Environment Agency because of problems in local watercourses.

They met local councillors and police in Caldicot for a morning to combat poor water quality in the Nedern Brook.

They split into three teams to stencil the yellow fish symbol on drains and distribute hundreds of leaflets in the industrial estate, town centre and nearby residential streets.

Mayor Jim Higginson and councillors Ron Stewart, Alan Davies, Pauline Watts and CSO 139 Ruth James joined to support the volunteers.

Find out more about Yellow Fish at keepwalestidy.sequence.co.uk/campaigns/yellow-fish