A YOUTH centre in a Gwent estate shut last year has been declared surplus to requirements because it is too expensive to repair it.

Monnow Youth Centre in Bettws, Newport, has been shut since October 2011 because of problems with its roof and walls.

A total of £50,000 has already been set aside in the council’s budget for the building’s demolition.

One ward councillor said it was a “sad indictment of the estate’s infrastructure”.

Acouncil report says the roof and supporting pillars in the walls have failed and are in need of replacement.

It would cost £354,000 to repair it if the fault was throughout the building, although a final survey has not been done.

The report says a survey by structural engineers found the building was “beyond economic repair”.

Alternative premises have been found for youth workers, but there are still difficulties in finding appropriate accommodation to continue the youth work programme.

The service is currently hiring space at the Civil Service Club.

Kevin Whitehead, Bettws independent councillor, said it was a “sad indictment of the state of the estate’s infrastructure”.

“Children and adults who used these facilities have been offered no real or genuine alternative.”

He said the Civil Service Club was not ideal and was in a poor condition itself.

“I played and coached rugby there for 13 years and it was decided to move because of the state of the building,” he said.

He said one thing that could cure the issue was to provide Bettws with a community and leisure centre building.

The decision, by cabinet member for education and young people Cllr Bob Poole, will become effective on August 20.