A NAKED swimmer was dramatically rescued from the river Usk in Newport yesterday.

Emergency services were called to the riverbank near Castle Bingo, in Usk Way, at 3.41pm after reports that a man was in distress.

A witness said the man, believed to be in his early thirties, was swimming nude on the east side of the river near George Street Bridge when police and firefighters signalled to him to make his way to shore.

He made his way across the river, tracked by a fire service boat, but rescue lines were thrown down after he could not climb up the slippery mud banks to safety.

He was thrown a towel to cover his modesty as he emerged from the river.

The witness said the swimmer did not appear to be injured but was checked over by paramedics at the scene.

He said residents from homes lining the banks gathered to watch the rescue, along with pedestrians crossing George Street Bridge.

He added: “I was just passing and saw a lot of commotion, police cars, sirens, fire-engines and ambulances all looking out across the river at a guy splashing around.

“He was swimming completely naked so he must have had a good day.”

Yesterday we reported that a woman was rescued from the river early on Monday just before she could be swept out to sea.