STAFF from Newport-based Audosta Rags 2 Riches 4 Schools got into the spirit of Tidy Wales Week by running a litter-pick on the Coronation Park side of the city’s Transporter Bridge.

Twelve people took part in the event, collecting dozens of bags of litter, including a large television.

Run through the firm Audosta, which collects clothes to help a number of UK-based charities, Rags 2 Riches 4 Schools is focusing on helping schools in Newport and Cardiff to raise money through the same process.

Children are asked to take in unwanted clothes and their school gets 65p per kilo collected.

“We also get involved with schools in their environmental projects, so we felt we had to do our bit for the environment this week,” said Richard James, of Rags 2 Riches 4 Schools.

For more information, visit www.rags2riches4schools.