Authors of this brilliant piece of work Josie D¹Arby and Rachel Meates have managed to capture the vitality of this city through the eyes of its citizens.

Five actors portray a variety of people from all walks of life set against a simple backdrop of changing Newport landmarks including the Transporter Bridge, the Riverfront and The Wave.

Like all great stories the audience sat spellbound as the old woman of 90, a taxi driver, the woman on her first manic trip to Spytty¹s new Tesco, a midwife from the Gwent delivering 14 babies in one shift told us their views of life in our city. They made us laugh and shed a tear because it¹s obvious Josie D¹Arby just loves her hometown. And whether born here or live here or away Newport manages to instill emotion. The Newport Monologues should be seen by everyone because it instills a sense of pride at a time when everyone is knocking us down. It¹s a little bit of history brought to vivid life. Fascinating. Awesome. Go and see it tonight or tomorrow. You won¹t regret it.