A FATHER and son brought home gold and silver at the recent World Alternative Games in mid-Wales.

The pair from Cwmbran are now World Egg Throwing Champions. Jas Kukielka, his son Seve, and his friend Richard Gottfriend, from Luton, couldn't resist entering the competition when they saw it taking place.

Stood 20 metres apart, and after a few dubious throws, Mr Gottfried threw an egg to Mr Kukielka, who caught it successfully, and they were crowned world champions.

Mr Kukielka said: "I was naturally very pleased to win the gold medal at egg throwing.

"My team mate, Richard, helped by throwing straight and long despite some gusting cross winds and heavy rain."

The duo hope to return in two years time to defend their title of World Egg Throwing Champions.

The pair met five years ago through playing minigolf and play together on the British Minigolf Association Tour.

 The World Alternative Games Egg Throwing tournament saw 19 teams take part, with players from Wales, England, France, the Republic of Ireland, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

Mr Kukielka and his son Seve also entered, coming second, so they brought a gold and silver medal back home to Cwmbran.

He added: "I am very happy to have put Cwmbran on the map as I don't think we have any other world champions."