A COUPLE who swindled more than £1.1 million, including £60,000 inheritance from their children, were ordered to pay back just £305.

Bryan McNaught, 46, made £834,601.68 by defrauding credit card, banks and mortgage lenders from April 2003 to April 2009, but will pay back just £5 because he has no assets.

Along with his partner Sarah Harris, 39, who benefited to the tune of £278,887.68 for the same offences, Former Monmouth man McNaught also defrauded the couple’s two teenagers out of £30,000 each, which was left to them by their grandfather.

McNaught, of Purton Place, Lydney, Gloucestershire, appeared at Newport Crown Court yesterday for a Proceeds of Crime hearing. Harris, of Claypatch Road, Monmouth, who sat alongside him in the dock, will have to pay back £300.

In March 2011, McNaught was jailed for 36 months and Harris to 52 weeks suspended for two years, after they earlier admitted a number of fraud offences over six years.

The pair claimed to be barristers and football agents to fraudulently re-mortgage an £180,000 home in Caerleon, and took out a £300,00 mortgage after Harris claimed she owned a stake in an international football development.

Earlier this year the pair, who lived in Redbrook at the time of the offences, were then jailed for 15 months after being convicted of defrauding their teenage children out of £60,000 in 2012.

During their trial, the court heard the money was left to Harris by her dad who was diagnosed with a terminal illness in November 2009.

She convinced him to instead leave the cash to her children, but later used the money to pay off debts and buy a motorbike.

Harris must pay the £300 money in 28 days, while McNaught has three months to pay £5. If they fail to pay they could be jailed.