The second landlord forum hosted by QualitySolicitors Rubin Lewis O'Brien will take place on November 4 at the Parkway Hotel in Cwmbran.

The guest speaker for this event will be Mandy St John Davey; successful private property investor.

Mandy St John Davey has 14 years experience both in the UK and overseas, specialising in residential property, renovations and buy-to-let properties. Managing her own portfolio gave Mandy the experience to take on and manage properties for other landlords who do not have the time or experience to manage their own investments. Areas covered have included advertising to find appropriate tenants, credit checking and application process, tenancy agreements, inventories, rent collection and relevant end of tenancy notices.

Speakers in the months to follow will give talks on a range of topics such as how to structure financial investments y in a tax efficient manner, advice on purchasing property at auction, how local government can best protect landlords and how banks can meet landlords' needs.

"After the success of our first forum; we felt it was important to maintain the high quality of speaker and ensure topics are covered that are both educational and topical." said Sam George, Managing Partner at QualitySolicitors Rubin Lewis O’Brien.

"We’re putting together a full programme of events across the coming year and with RLA Cymru’s help, we’re looking to engage with landlords across the whole of South Wales."

The Landlord Forum aims to be an educational platform where local landlords can discuss views and bring issues to light in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

"We want attendees to get a great deal of benefit from the forum." continued Mr George.‘‘We hope that the speakers can offer real value to those landlords who wish to engage with this free service which is available for all current or potential landlords across the region. "