We all spend many hours at work but what do we get up to in our spare time?

Business Argus posed that question to local business people. Here's what they had to say...

Chris Taylor, director, Kymin Financial Services Ltd, Newport

I have had a love for cars from a very early age. I enjoy motorsport and I have an enthusiasm for Volkswagens, mainly the old skool watercooled variety. I have owned several VW’s over the years and have taken them to various Volkswagen shows throughout the country and even a trip to the legendary Nurburgring many years ago. My latest MK1 Golf is most definitely a keeper. I’ve owned it for three years now and it’s a 1991 limited edition Rivage GTI, one of only 185 left on UK roads. I enjoy owning and driving a future classic and the feeling I get from driving something from the past that brings back nostalgia from years ago. I also have a company vehicle in the form of a MK7 Golf GTD, which is not effected by the latest emissions scandal!

Fiona Weaver, graduate at Hutchings and Thomas Chartered Surveyors, Newport

My hobby is horse riding, I have my own horse who is an 11 year old ex racehorse which I have retrained off the race track. His bloodline is excellent and his Sire is partly owned by the Queen. During the five years I have owned him and although any horse is an expense and big commitment, the benefits of being out on him at shows getting rosettes has been well worth it and it also gets me out of bed in the mornings (whatever the weather)! It is a great way to go out and explore. I'm fortunate enough to have Wentwood Forest and open countryside on my doorstep. There is nothing better than saddling up and going for a good canter after a busy day at the office in Newport.

Nick Park, Green & Co Accountants, Cwmbran

As an accountant there are days when I can spend up to 10 hours sitting at a desk in front of a computer screen, so there is nothing more refreshing than getting away from the phone and keyboard to exercise the muscles and breathe in some fresh air. As far back as I can remember I have either been cycling or skiing in my spare time, the physical rigours of which are in complete contrast to the mental acrobatics required at work. This year I find myself going to extreme measures to keep in shape as I will be off next month to Dubai, cycling 100km through the desert in one of the hottest countries in the world, as well as skiing in the world’s longest indoor black run. I’m sure my muscles will be more than happy to relax in the comfort of an office chair when I return – until the next challenge!

Kate Richards, territory manager, Budget Vets

I absolutely make the most of time ‘away from the office’. I do still take calls, answer e mails, unfortunately that’s the nature of the job and I’m well known for taking work home, in the form of an unwanted animal usually! So I spend most of my time with my lovely family, consisting of my partner, two children, a dog, two cats and a horse and whatever else I happen to have brought home at the time – we currently have a blind seven week old puppy at the moment and four Guinea Pigs). I’ve only lived in Wales for three years and still remember how flat England is so I thoroughly enjoy walking the dog & riding the horse and being able to enjoy the wonderful views that Wales has to offer. We love taking the dogs to Barry Island, the dog beach is my favourite place to go and Missy our Springer Spaniel loves the water! I’ve recently taken up running, its not much fun but in an effort to be healthier I’m giving that a go too!

John Newell, director, Kingston Newell Estate Agents

I’m a keen amateur golfer and a stroll around the golf course always helps clear the head. Renovating properties is another hobby of mine. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m not renowned for my DIY skills but I can have good ideas and then call in the professionals to instigate them for me!

Lauren Patterson, property assistant, M4 Property Consultants

I jog a couple of times a week – it’s not really a hobby but something I force myself to do as my attempt to get fit. The majority of my spare time is taken up with my young family and study for an Estate Management degree I’ve just started.

Natalie Poynton, director, Xpress Recruitment

Can I list running a business as my hobby? My business partner and I have just set up our own recruitment business and we are spending every second we can working on it, so at the moment we don’t have much time for anything else but it’s something we are passionate about. Prior to being my own boss, I was a regular visitor to the gym but that has taken a back seat for the time being.

Joy Phillips, HardingEvans, Newport

I started golf lessons about two years ago and once I was able to get out on the course and play a half decent round became hooked! It is an incredibly frustrating game but the occasional good shot I play keeps me coming back for more. I still play off 36 handicap so the winter will involve more lessons and range practice. I am determined to get a lower handicap next year!