As the end of January approaches, many resolutions have already fallen by the wayside.

People start the year with great intentions promising to get fit and do more exercise but after a few weeks, they abandon their plans.

Business Argus has been asking the local business community how they help motivate and encourage their staff to be fitter and healthier?

Beverley Jones, Awaken Life Coaching

I think as an employer it is important to look after the health and wellbeing of staff. Companies should be seen to be offering benefits that can assist the employee to stay fit and healthy as in doing so they reduce presenteeism and sickness absence which in turn raises productivity and therefore profits. A healthy workforce is a positive workforce. In terms of motivating and encouraging staff I advise them to take time to visualise the end result, focus on what they want to achieve and take working towards it one day at time, which is exactly what I do with my own health and fitness when going for walks or visiting the gym along with sticking to my 2017 resolution of eating more healthily!

Barrie Kenyon, partner, Green & Co Accountants and Tax Advisors, Cwmbran

The well-being of our staff is very important to us as employers, and we are happy to encourage and support a healthy way of life. We have introduced a cycle to work scheme and have corporate membership of a nearby leisure facility which allows free use of the gym and swimming pool to our staff and their immediate families. After-hours activities include circuit training sessions at our property, Pembroke House, and everyone is welcome to join our football squad for a friendly game or just a fun kick-about. We even maintain a fresh fruit bowl as a healthy snack choice for both staff and visitors. Many of us also partake in other forms of exercise away from work, ranging from mountain walking to Zumba and running to horse-riding.

John Newell, director, Kingston Newell Estate Agents, Newport

We are on our feet for the majority of our working day when out and about on viewings or undertaking valuations. Our team are health conscious with the majority being members of gyms or participating in sport. A healthy, fitter team is in my opinion more productive as they have more energy and enthusiasm for their job which ultimately benefits the business and of course our customers. My personal fitness regime is put to shame by my colleagues although I am out daily dog walking and striding around a golf course on the weekend chasing and trying to find the wayward balls I have struck.

Jakko Brouwers, director, Morrello Clinic, Newport

One of the main roles of the clinic is to work with our clients to help them improve their mobility and overall quality of life so our team are fit and healthy themselves. We have a range of gym equipment in the clinic which the staff are able to use and a kitchen for them to prepare their own healthy lunches and snacks. A lot of the team are currently in training for the Morrello Marvels entry into this year’s CARTEN – a bike ride from Cardiff to Tenby which requires a good level of fitness. An employer is in part responsible for their employees health and fitness as it will help reduce absenteeism and increase productivity and simple actions such as providing fruit in the office can really help. Personally, I am frequently out on my bike and with three young children they certainly help keep me active.

Leanne Fieldhouse, practice manager, Budget Vets, Newport

Our job can be quite physical as we are treating and caring for animals brought into the surgeries and making home visits. Not only do we need stamina, we also need to be pretty quick to keep fingers away from the mouths of our furry friends after administering tablets or checking teeth. The majority of our staff all have their own pets and receive regular exercise with them. As an employer we do recognise the importance of encouraging our staff to keep fit and healthy and have a kitchen area in each of our surgeries for them to prepare their own food.

Gareth Water, director, BrandNuCreative, Cwmbran

I spend a lot of my time sat down in front of the computer and am conscious that it would be easy to become physically lazy and eat junk food. To counter this, I take regular breaks and try to go for a walk at lunchtime to get some fresh air and stretch my legs. Instead of having fizzy drinks and crisps to hand during the day, I have replaced them with fruit and water and cut down on the number of hot drinks I have. It might be just a figment of my imagination but I do feel more alert throughout the day and I have lost some weight so I feel encouraged to continue the relatively new regime. It also helps that my partner who is very health conscious shares the office with me and helps keep me on track.