Newport-based Clarks, leading producer of the UK’s bestselling maple syrup and natural sweetener brand, is launching the UK’s first red maple syrup.

Just in time for Pancake Day, the special reserve will be available in Sainsbury’s stores.

Tapped during the short red maple harvest in Quebec during early spring, supply of this pure Canadian syrup is limited and unique to the UK. The rare treat boasts a robust caramel flavour – perfect for drizzling over pancakes or using as an alternative to white sugar in baking.

Founder and managing director of Clarks Bob Clark said: “Our skilled farmers in Canada introduced me to the syrup of the red maple tree. Its flavour is butter-like, richer and more complex – different from the syrup of the sugar maple tree that we are all so familiar with – meaning it lingers on the taste buds.

“We’re very excited to be introducing special reserve red maple to UK supermarkets to celebrate one of the best days of the year - Pancake Day.”

Clarks Red Maple (189ml) is available in Sainsbury’s stores RRP £6. Pancake Day is February 28 this year.