Newport-based structural engineering firm, Cintec International, will be appearing on the Discovery Channel’s hit TV series ‘How Do They Do It?’ to show viewers how their groundbreaking Waterwall structures work.

The episode be shown on Discovery Channel UK, and will also go on to be broadcast internationally around parts of Europe and Asia.

Cintec’s Waterwall structures are designed to provide a high level of protection to people and property by overcoming three main components: energy, pressure and heat. Manufactured from poly-vinyl-chloride (PVC) coated fabric and filled with water, the self-inflating structures vary in shape and size depending on their purpose.

Primarily used to reduce the damage caused by explosives, Cintec’s Waterwall isolation units are positioned around suspect devices and objects deemed unstable. Through absorbing the force created by a blast, the structures can overcome up to an astonishing 250 kilos of TNT explosives.

Other functions for Cintec’s Waterwall products include impact barriers which are strong enough to stop a vehicle in its tracks and flood defence systems that can be placed around a building or structure to prevent it from flooding.

In addition to Waterwall, Cintec International is renowned in the engineering and construction industries for its innovative, patented anchors which have been used in some of the world’s most recognisable landmarks such as Egypt’s Step Pyramid, America’s White House and the UK’s very own Buckingham Palace.

When undertaking vital restoration work on the ceiling of the burial chamber in Egypt’s Step Pyramid, Cintec used their unique Waterwall airbags to temporarily support the dangerous hanging stones, whilst their patented anchors were inserted to permanently secure the chamber ceiling.

Peter James, managing director of Cintec International, which is based at Gold Tops in Newport, said: “The Discovery Channel is such an incredible platform to be showcasing our products and services on; everyone here at Cintec is thrilled we’ve made the cut.

“As a market leader in structural engineering, we’re continually developing our range of Waterwall products to ensure that we’re achieving the best and most cost effective means of providing a high level of protection. It’s often quite difficult to explain how our products are made so it’s been a fantastic opportunity to be able show the whole process from start to finish.”