What do you think of then you think of price comparison company Gocompare.com?

Is it selling insurance? Or the TV ad campaign featuring Gio Compario?

Or the fact that it's a tech-focussed success story base in Newport?

The firm was originally set up in Newport on November 6, 2006, by Cwmbran entrepreneur Hayley Parsons, who landed a £43.7m pay-out after selling the business to car insurance firm esure in late 2014. It completed a demerger from esure Group plc late last year.

Currently employing about 180 at its Imperial Park base on the western edge of Newport, the company has a modern office to compliment its very modern way of working.

Themed meeting rooms, including James Bond, disco and Hilda Ogden; a 50s-style American diner as the canteen and 'tribal' working are just some of the things which make this business stand out from the crowd.

This firm is not full of people in a call centre sorting out your insurance.

It is a tech firm keeping up to date with making sure it is always top of search engine rankings and that it is always providing a website designed to make the whole process pleasant, quick and rewarding for the user.

There is one team who bid on words each day as part of search engine optimisation; there are people constantly looking at the website to see how it can be improved and other teams include marketing and legal - but there is no-one on a phone selling insurance to the public.

It really is an eye opener.

Matthew Crummack joined as chief executive officer in June 2016 after a career with the likes of Expedia, Nestle and Proctor and Gamble.

He said: "What attracted me to this company is that I love great stories and Gocompare.com is a wonderful story.

"It started off with just a small group of people with an idea of what they wanted to achieve. They were very successful.

"I liked the ethos they built.

"Businesses go through phases of life just like we do. In the 'teenage years' growth slows sown and it gets more complicated to do things. We are coming out of those years now."

He said that the firm had been looking at itself and all its functions.

"That's when we started to grow again." he said.

"The demerger with esure was quite complicated but it was a successful exercise.

Mr Crummack said it was important that Gocompare.com's tech competence was as good as it could be, so a number of appointments were made to strengthen the business, which have included bringing in someone previously a high-flyer in California's Silicon Valley.

But he is more than happy with the local talent pool.

"We are keen to attract talent from this region. The talent pool in this area is good for what we are looking for here. Of course there aren't as many people around here as there would be in Greater London but we have a pool of really strong and talented people locally," he said.