Cwmbran-based telecommunications provider RPS Technology Solutions is delighted its 2016/17 financial year was the most successful to date, having hosted a record number of telephone minutes for customers as well as achieving its highest turnover to date.

RPS specialises in creating bespoke, innovative telecommunications solutions for a diverse range of clients across the UK.

Its fully-engineered, hosted Voice Over IP telephony network, designed utilising broadband integrated directly to their hosting platforms, ensures a first-class quality service.

The company, which was established in 2004, has this year seen a staggering overall growth of 27 per cent, heavily assisted by the business’s specific telecoms growth which has grown by 30 per cent.

As a result of new business, RPS’s minute-run growth has also increased by 63 per cent and their workforce by another impressive 29 per cent.

Ron Griffiths, managing director at RPS Technology Solutions, said: “I am thrilled that RPS’s growth has continued to increase for yet another year. The ongoing improvement to our business is testament to the hard work put in by each and every one of our members of staff, from our callers at our contact centre who deliver impeccable customer care right through to our on-site technical team who work tirelessly to install our solutions to our high company standard.

“We currently host well over a million minutes per annum and are expecting business to boom further in 2018 as SMEs become even more aware of the need to upgrade to an internet telephony system.

“Voice Over IP is a fantastic alternative to traditional ISDN telephone connections, and coming changes within telecoms mean that these services will be in increasing demand over the coming years. From 2020 onwards, telecommunications providers will stop providing new ISDN connections for telephone systems and after 2025 all support for ISDN services will be discontinued.

“In addition to providing high-value telephony, we work on a one-to-one basis with clients to understand their business and make informed recommendations of how technology can improve their service and profitability. Looking forward, we are hoping to expand upon the range of add-on services many of our clients are currently using and recognising the value of. We will continue to develop our relationships with our customers, allowing them to trust us to implement solutions not only as their telecoms provider but also as their technology partner of choice.”